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Motorist sighting of grayish-white sasquatch 3 miles east of Winona

OBSERVED: It was a humid Spring night (9ish) & I was headed home from a trip to town to take movies back & pick up a few things for the house. I was rounding the last curb before my driveway when my headlights caught a figure starting to cross the road. I had to stop on the hwy so I wouldn't hit it so I got a good look at what was crossing the road but didn't realize what I was seeing and everything happened so fast. It was Between 7&8 feet tall, apeish like, but walked upright, long arms, crossed hwy in 3 to 4 steps, grey or dirty white hair, it looked at me but I don't remember seeing eye color, and the smell was awful (window was down). I'll never forget that sight or smell. I was unnerving. I live in area surrounded by the Mark Twain National Forests in the hills of the Ozarks, surrounded by rivers & Springs. I'm 100% positive I see & smelt Bigfoot. It almost acted as if my lights was hurting it's eyes and moving like it was old (like how old aged animals move slower). The smell though, was disgusting. Putrid.

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