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This site is dedicated to the research of the Relic Hominids, Sasquatch, Bigfoot, or whatever other name you may know these creatures by. I am currently an investigator with BFRO, 4 time public expedition leader, and have been on hundreds public and private expeditions. Those numbers continue to grow.

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 After investigating hundreds of reports and interviewing just as many witnesses, or more, I have come to believe that there may be other aspects and attributes to these creatures that must be investigated, many of which are considered to be topics too extreme or controversial within the constraints of the mainstream "Bigfoot" groups, and science as well. Any witnesses who wish for me to investigate their event can be assured of total & complete protection of identity, location, photos, etc. I am well equipped with the latest technology for thermal, audio, DNA & evidence gathering, casting, etc.  I look forward to hear from others in the field as well. 

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